Biological Dentistry

We are a holistic dental practice.

This means means that we understand the importance of dental health on the whole body.

What is holistic dentistry?

Headaches, infections and lethargy are examples of issues that may be caused by the teeth.

We can often treat these health problems and help protect against further issues.

We avoid mercury and other harmful materials, and can safely remove mercury fillings.

We use natural methods like homeopathy and acupuncture to treat you and relieve pain.

We use the term wholistic because we feel it more describes the process we carry out, and indeed it is the root of the modern term holistic. We feel we are taking it back to the source. Our aim is to practice our every day dentistry as it relates to the whole person.

Since the invention of the microscope medical science has been busy with microbiology and looking for the magic bullet to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. We seem to have lost the broader issue of the terrain in which these organisms feed.

It is the condition of the host which we need to focus on, we as clinicians need to focus on the patterns of symptoms and conditions that arise in the host.

Our ethos is to nurture & treat the entire person on four levels.

Physical Emotional Mental Spiritual